Our highly trained, expert stylists and colourists work with you to achieve your personal best. Ongoing education and freedom to experiment produce exciting new techniques. From the latest trends to cutting-edge technology, we offer everything you need for the ultimate salon experience. We believe the foundation is the principal element of a stylist's craft, confidence and creativity.

Color Global - Short 2500 INR
Color Global - Medium 3500 INR
Color Global - Long 4500 INR
Color Global - Mens 1000 INR
Color Root Touch-up- Short 900 INR
Global Highlights- Short 4500 INR
Global Highlights- Medium 5500 INR
Global Highlights- Long 6500 INR
Crown Highlights- Short 2500 INR
Crown Highlights- Medium 3500 INR
Crown Highlights- Long 4500 INR
Ombre- Short 4000 INR
Ombre- Medium 5000 INR
Ombre- Long 6000 INR
Balayage- Short 6000 INR
Balayage- medium 7000 INR
Balayage- Long 8000 INR
Panel per foil 300 INR
Straightening - Short 5500 INR
Straightening - Medium 7500 INR
Straightening - Long 9500 INR
Smoothening - Short 5000 INR
Smoothening -Medium 7000 INR
Smoothening -Long 9000 INR
Hair Trim With Wash & Blowdry 700 INR
Hair Trim 500 INR
Haircut With Blast Dry 650 INR
Haircut With Wash+blowdry 850 INR
Wash+blowdry (straight)- Short 700 INR
Wash+blowdry (straight)- Medium 800 INR
Wash+blowdry (straight)- Long 900 INR
Wash+blowdry (in/out Curl)- Short 800 INR
Wash+blowdry (in/out Curl)- Medium 900 INR
Wash+blowdry (in/out Curl)- Long 1000 INR
Hairwash- Short 200 INR
Hairwash- Medium 300 INR
Hairwash- Long 400 INR
Blowdry (Straight)- Short 600 INR
Blowdry (Straight)- Medium 700 INR
Blowdry (Straight)- Long 800 INR
Blowdry (in/out Curl)- Short 700 INR
Blowdry (in/out Curl)- Medium 800 INR
Blowdry (in/out Curl)- Long 900 INR
Mens Haircut 500 INR
Tonging- Short 800 INR
Tonging- Medium 900 INR
Tonging- Long 1000 INR
Ironing- Short 800 INR
Ironing- Medium 900 INR
Ironing- Long 1000 INR
Hair Care
Express Hydration Spa- Short 1000 INR
Express Hydration Spa- Medium 1200 INR
Express Hydration Spa- Long 1400 INR
Color Care Spa- Short 1000 INR
Color Care Spa- Medium 1200 INR
Color Care Spa- Long 1400 INR
Anti Dandruff Peeling Mask 1500 INR
Hair Care
Exotic Argan Spa - Short 1400 INR
Exotic Argan Spa - Medium 1600 INR
Exotic Argan Spa - Long 1800 INR
Cysteine - Short 6000 INR
Cysteine - Medium 8000 INR
Cysteine- Long 10000 INR
Keratin- Short 6000 INR
Keratin- Medium 8000 INR
Keratin- Long 10000 INR