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The Future of Make-up: Micro-blading

The future of make-up, over the last year has made leaps and bounds of progress in microblading. Microblading as a treatment has been making ways and been in the news for its level of safety and efficiency.Nail Spa’s resident house microblading pro talks about what microblading is and its benefits for you…





So, what really is microblading?

Microblading or at times also known as ‘permanent eyebrow technique’ is basically wherein a pro uses a handheld tool to create light, wispy hair strokes to eventually make your brows fuller and natural.


Now here’s why it’s the future,and the future, is now…


  • Long lasting brows

To put it in as simple as terms as we can, consider it like a permanent tattoo that gives you the kind of brows you desire. The treatment on an average, lasts long enough and you only need to get your eyebrows micro-bladed once every 2/3 years.

  • It’s 100% hassle-free

Once you’ve gone through the treatment, you can forget about the every ‘now-and-then’ bothering about salon visits, particularly to arch the eyebrow in an ideal shape, plucking or getting waxed too. Nail Spa’s resident pro recommends this as one of the most safe and stunning ways to have your desired eyebrows.


  • Big time Gains

Virtually painless, you can definitely get the right shape for your eyebrows with micro-blading. This treatment is completely safe, and gives as good as zero pain all through so you get a natural-looking payoff.


  • Natural-looking finish 

It’s nearly impossible for the naked eye to spot the difference between a natural eyebrow and a micro-bladed one. And Nail Spa’s resident pro knows how to use this technique to your advantage. Every step of the procedure is performed with intricacy, delicacy and efficiency. Giving you a look as natural as it should be. 


  • Wear them through the water

One of the biggest benefits of micro-bladed brows is that they aren’t easily smudged off or distorted under the effect of water. They’re usually waterproof as long as you don’t harshly rub them, or cleanse them intensely.

Walk-in at Nail Spa and our resident microblading pro can tell you all you need to know before going in for this treatment.

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